About Us

Life is too short for boring hair!

The creators of POP Hair Colour come from corporate backgrounds, but, always found themselves pushing the boundaries of creative hairstyles and colours. Inspired by unicorns, mermaids, butterflies and flowers...

Why Did We Create POP Hair Colour?

There are some great brands on the market and we have been through them all! Some were pre-mixed but contained alcohol and would turn our hair frail, others were in powder form and had to be mixed at home. Some had no ingredient labels and you were never too sure what you were actually putting in your locks...

We believe that everyone can add a POP of colour to their tresses, even if it needs to be discreet. As the colours are semi-permanent, children can use them to express their individuality in school holidays, too.
Our Bleach Kit contains collagen to protect your hair when lightening. The Conditioning Colour Cremé contains collagen for repair and also doubles up as a colour revitalizing and nourishing hair mask, which contains no ammonia or peroxide. For maintenance, our Keratin Shampoo and collagen conditioner contains no parabens or salt (safe on Brazilian Blow Wave) and comes tinted to ensure that your colour stays vibrant.
What set's us apart from other brands? POP Hair Colour is salon quality, nourishing and convenient. All our products are clearly labeled with a full list of ingredients and we have your hair's best interest at heart, at all times.

Meet the Team