Will this dye work on dark brown or black hair?
Imagine ink on a paper…
The lighter the paper, the more vivid the ink will appear.
Our Colour Cremé contains no peroxide to lighten hair whilst dyeing your hair, so the colour will not appear vividly on dark hair.

Do I have to bleach my hair?
It is recommended for two reasons:
1. The colours are more vibrant and beautiful on lighter hair
2. Bleach opens the cuticles of the hair for the colour to be deposited effectively. As our dyes contain no peroxide or any other developers, without bleaching the colour just sits on top of the follicle and washes off very quickly.

Can my child use it?
Yes! this is a fabulous option for temporary holiday hair, provided it is used on virgin hair only. As our dyes contain no peroxide or any other developers, it is not harmful to skin or hair. On virgin hair the colour just sits on top of the follicle and washes off very quickly (maximum 10 washes).

How long does the colour last?
This depends on a few variables:
1. Hair porosity – The more porous your hair is, the more colour will be deposited. This is why we recommend bleaching your hair before application.
2. Hair condition – With very dry hair colour washes out quickly.
3. Maintenance – It is important to use gentle shampoo and rich, nourishing conditioner, preferably sulfate free. Sulfates are harsh detergents which can dry hair out, cause damage and strip colour out.
–Depending on these factors, between 10 and 30 washes.

Do I need to bleach my hair to change from one hue to another?
No, but we do recommend not changing to a contrasting colour. (A WHAT?) Contrasting colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Yellow and purple, blue and orange, red and green. When these colours are applied over each other, the result would be brown or grey.
We recommend using harmonious colours. Colours that are closer to each other on the wheel. When red and blue are mixed, the result is purple, The more saturated colour will dominate.
Pro Tip:
To lighten the original colour, you can wash your hair a few times, letting it sit for a few minutes, with anti-dandruff shampoo. This is a more gentle alternative to lighten the colour without bleach.

Can I mix colours to make my own custom shades?
Absolutely. Our colours can be mixed together before application or blended into each other during the application process.

How long do I wait to receive my parcel?
Shipping takes between 2 and 7 working days.
We shall send you your tracking number as soon as your parcel is collected by the courier.

Are you open during SA Lockdown?
All eCommerce is permitted, during lockdown.
So, It’s business as usual.

I have a question that is not answered on this page, what now?
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